High Quality Small Paddle Weeding Cleaning Boat

High-Quality Aquatic Weed Cutting Cleaning Machine For SaleAbout HID Aquatic Weed Cutting Machine HID dredger has been designing and manufacturing dredging equipment for 30 years and successfully exported to more than 37 countries.We are Fortune 500 companies chosen manufacturer with 30 years\' dredge workmanship and your T

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High-Quality Aquatic Weed Cutting Cleaning Machine For Sale

About HID Aquatic Weed Cutting Machine 

HID dredger has been designing and manufacturing dredging equipment for 30 years and successfully exported to more than 37 countries.
We are Fortune 500 companies chosen manufacturer with 30 years' dredge workmanship and your TrustWorthy Supplier. Read until the end to contact our Director of Sales. 

Production Description: 
* This Weed Cleaning/Cutting Boat is Full Hydraulic Controlled Boat, used to work in Lakes, Rivers and Sea areas. The working principle is easy, the control cabin can complete the process of collecting the water surface weed, garbage, water lettuce, and store after, it can achieve remote control. 
* Cabin classes use 3C material to make sure the stability and the cabin have large windows to collect sunlight. 
* This Boat equipped with a compressed storeroom to reduce the size of the collected floater rubbish, hence, increase the storage capacity on the boat and increase collection efficiency. 
* Propeller driven the boat on the water to increase efficiency. 
* The Cutter head equips with efficient cutter to make it easy for heavy collecting. 

High Quality Small Sized Paddle Weed Cutting Cleaning Boat

Weed Cutting Boat Technical Specifications: 
* Note: All Technical Specifications can be Customized based on your actual dredging needs and working conditions. 
Total length16m10.5m16.8m18m15.8m16m6.5m
Total width4.1m3.8m4m4.5m4.9m4.1m2.58m
Total height3.1m2.65m4.5m3.2m4m3.1m2.4m
Pontoon length11m6.5m11m12.6m9.5m11m6m
Pontoon width3.5m2.6m3.6m4m3.2m3.5m2.5m
Pontoon depth1.3m1.1m1.4m1.4m1.2m1.3m0.75m
Loading capacity15m36m316m320m313m318m33m3
mean draft0.8m0.55m0.9m0.9m0.7m0.8m0.5m
Drive typePropellerWheelPropellerPropellerDual hydraulic wheelPropellerHanging Paddle Machine
Working width1,5-4m1.3-2.6m1.8-4.2m1.8-4.2m1.5-3.8m1.8-4.2m1.3m
Unloading height3m2.1m3.5m3m3m3.5m24hours
Unloading distance3m2.5m3.2m3m3m3.2mClass C
Lifetime24hours24hours24hours24hours24hours24hours2 persons
Navigation areaClass BClass CClass BClass BClass BClass B 
Crew2 people 2 persons2 persons2 persons3 persons2 persons 
Collection Method Forward Collect and Backward unloadF loading & R unloadingF loading & F unloadingF loading & R unloadingF loading & R unloadingF loading & F unloading 
Grip back arm length   2.35m   
Grip forearm length   1.4m   
Grip width   0.8m   
Grip Weight   500KG   

  1. wide range of use applications
  2. High efficiency, large output, far pump distance, low fuel consumption
  3. Full hydraulic control with Rexroth, Vickers 
  4. Siemens PLC operation with the operation convenience
  5. Engine choice from Weicchai, Cummins, Caterpillar and more. 
  6. The modular design enables fast assembly with HID seniors engineers 
  7. Dredger components available in factories to allow short delivery times 
  8. Control the working process of dredging and pumping, delivering dredged materials. lower cost;
  9. Follow manufacture guideline: CCS-ZC standard
  10. It can pass CE, BV CBS, and more certificates. 
  11. Western Dredge brand parts, easy to find globally 
  12. Can choose reliable Chinese brand parts to lower costs 
  13. Gain access to our sales team, design team, manufacture team 24/7
  14. Lifetime Technical Assistance
  15. Optional equipment is available such as Spud carriage, anchor boom. 
  16. Please leave a message to Global Director of Sales and Management Bella Wang for more information

HID Various Series of Weed/Garbage Cleaning/Cutting Machine Brochure:
High Quality Small Sized Paddle Weed Cutting Cleaning Boat

HID Dredger After Sales Services: 
  1. Free dredger consultation and free product drawings 
  2. Customize dredgers based on the client's actual dredging needs 
  3. On-site visits and factory visit services provided by HID 
  4. Arrange 2-3 HID senior engineer and technicians to enter the working site within 36 hours
  5. Free professional assembly, training and operating to make sure dredger operates smoothly 
  6. 1-year warranty and Lifetime technical assistance 
  7. Sign after-sales service agreement with HID clients 
  8. Offer spare parts at a discounted price 
  9. On-site parts available 
  10. HID company requires the responsible Sales team, design team, manufacture team available 24/7 to best serve clients.
HID Global Cusometers factory visiting 

High Quality Small Sized Paddle Weed Cutting Cleaning Boat
High Quality Small Sized Paddle Weed Cutting Cleaning Boat
High Quality Small Sized Paddle Weed Cutting Cleaning Boat

Why Choose HID Dredgers: High Quality Small Sized Paddle Weed Cutting Cleaning Boat
  1. 30 years' dredger manufacture workmanship
  2. Fortune 500 Company chosen supplier 
  3. Large production, ISO 9001 quality system
  4. 6 manufacture shops, R&D center, testing pool
  5. Presences in 37 countries 
  6. 10 series of dredging equipment 

High Quality Small Sized Paddle Weed Cutting Cleaning Boat
High Quality Small Sized Paddle Weed Cutting Cleaning Boat

HID Other Equipment:
High Quality Small Sized Paddle Weed Cutting Cleaning Boat

9, FAQ
Q1, Is HID a factory or trading company? 
A: HID - Shandong Haohai Dredging Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading dredger manufacturer in China, we have 6 factories and over 100 workers to enable large production. 

Q2, What are the services the HID company is providing? 
A: Free dredger consultation, drawing design, customization, on-site visits, 24/7 availability, free assembly, training, operation testing, and lifetime technical assistance.

Q3, What are the delivery terms? 
A: HID Dredger delivery can be in containers or in bulk depends on the dredger size. HID has in-stock dredgers, and constantly storing dredger parts, pipes, pontoons, to shorten the delivery period for special needs. 

Q3, What about the payment terms? 
A: Payment can be paid in T/T or L/C, payment terms and financial support can be discussed. 

Q4, What are the warranty terms? 
A: HID provides a standard 1-year warranty, free problem solving with lifetime technical assistance 

Q5,  Why you say HID is your trustworthy dredger manufacturer? 
A: HID is a trustworthy dredger manufacturer because we have 30 years' manufacturer workmanship, manufactured for many Fortune 500 companies globally. HID continuing to innovate and develop new products such as amphibious dredger, salt mining dredger and more, upgrades existing dredger technology. Our engineers and designers are hired from prestigious dredger institutions in China. Our products are working in more than 40 countries so far and have 6 global offices to better serve our clients. 

Welcome to HID Factory, we are looking forward to providing free consultation for your dredging projects, customize the dredge just for you, manufacture, delivery, assembly, train, operate, and provide lifetime technical assistance to achieve your dredging goal! 

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